Everyone is hurting and I just want to hug you all and bake you cookies and watch movies or cutscenes of a game you like and laugh at them with you and….

I love you

Life is hard

It gives you slaps in the face you’re not prepared for but if you feel a little lost, a little like an outsider, or someone not of worth—Trust me when I say, you’re none of of those things and while it can be overwhelming where you feel lost, you’re not alone. You’re never alone. There are people around you, surrounding you who love you dearly and wholly. 

Just say it and we’re there

If by words, a small gesture, anything; you’re indeed loved and cherished.

Life slaps you in the face, you get back up again and again and again, until you rise up like a phoenix with a greater strength to show Life what’s real.

Life doesn’t own you.

You own life.

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